guard cert


GUARD CARD - Initial Course

Powers to Arrest -4 Hours

This course provides instruction on the roles and responsibilities of the security guard.

Emphasizing legal aspects, liability, authority, and requirements relating to the arrest of an

individual as a security guard.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - 4 Hours

This course includes instruction on terrorism awareness, identifying , reporting and reacting

to the occurrence of a terrorist event.

  • Powers to Arrest course fee:  $33.50
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Course Fee: 33.50
  • Live-scan Security Guard $63.00 (includes roll fee)
  • BSIS State permit fee $55.00 (Online Process)
  • Total Charge: $185.00

*If you intend on obtaining the FIREARMS PERMIT within a year we recommend you pay an additional fee of $38.00 and be live-scanned  "Security Guard w Firearms"  then you will not need to be live-scanned again saving  you approximately $101.00  Be advised the Department of Justice purges your live-scan record within 1 year so you are urged to complete the firearms course as soon as possible.

​For more information on the firearms permit please seePermits for Protection



Newly licensed security guards must complete  sixteen hours of continued education within thirty days of issuance of the security guard registration or within 30 days of employment as a security guard, whichever comes first.  These mandatory courses provide  the skills essential for duty. Topics include  important legal issues which affect you and your employer. Each course consists of  four hours and include four hour Certificate of Completion.

Observation & Documentation  4 Hours  $40.00

This course provides instruction on the fundamentals  and techniques of creating daily activity  and incident reports

Public Relations 4 Hours  $40.00

This course provides emphasis on the importance of ethics and professionalism for security personnel. 

Communication and it's Significance 4 Hours  $40.00

This course includes instruction on  standard protocols, the importance of post orders, communication via the use of a radio and other devices. Communicating with police and other emergency services.

 Liability & Legal Aspects  $40.00

This course provides information on the role of the security guard, BSIS Code and regulations, criminal and civil administration, liabilities to security personnel and the employer.



Security guards are required to complete sixteen hours of continued education within the first six months of being assigned to security guard duties.

There are various courses individuals may choose  to attend in order to  accumulate the required certificate  hours.  

Since the majority of security personnel obtain the electives training after spending some time on duty they may decide it is advantageous to

to acquire permits for duty and or self protection such as Firearms, Baton or Pepper Spray.

Additional courses also: School Security Guard, Loss Prevention, Camera Monitoring, Workplace Violence, Traffic Control,

Crowd Control, Evacuation Procedures, Officer Safety, Supervision, Driver Safety and more.